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Kathleen Kennedy apparently isn't leaving and is planning out the next 10 years of Star Wars! Link to Article: ...


The day has come my fellow Jedi and Sith and Mandalorians...Kathleen Kennedy has finally confirmed that they are going to make something to do with th...

Bob Iger Stepping Down as Kathleen Kennedy Plans 10 Years of Star Wars

Disney's Bob Iger has announced he will be stepping down in 2021 as Kathleen Kennedy has announced she is supposedly planning the next 10 years of Sta...

DELUSION, LIES and SPITE: KATHLEEN KENNEDY is back to mindlessly ruining STAR WARS.

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Get Ready For Kathleen Kennedy's Knights of the Old Republic : Feminist Edition!

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Kathleen Kennedy never had a plan for STAR WARS

Kathleen Kennedy admitted to Entertainment Weekly that she's open to taking STAR WARS to new time lines once the Skywalker Saga is complete with ...

Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams FULL Interview - Star Wars Episode 9

Full interview by Stephen Colbert with JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy on Star Wars Episode 9 panel. Quite possibly the most sought after panel at the ...

Star Wars: Old Republic in the future, Kathleen Kennedy admits mistakes

If there was one thing that cast a shade on the “Star Wars Rise of Skywalker” title and trailer reveal at Star Wars Celebration, it was that Disney CE...

Kathleen Kennedy- The Star Wars Show Extended Interview

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy discusses all things Star Wars in this extended interview. Watch more of The Star Wars Show at ...

Kathleen Kennedy "The Force is in ALL OF US"

Kathleen Kennedy talks The Rise Of Skywalker, George Lucas and The Force! Listen to the award winning Steele Wars podcast... Website : https://www.

Rise Of Skywalker Has No Meaning - Kathleen Kennedy Has No Idea What She's Doing

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Star Wars: Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson Discarded J.J. Abram’s Trilogy Plan

In an April 9th interview with Fast Company, J.J. Abrams dropped some Star Wars bombshells, which suggested there was no plan for this Star Wars trilo...

Kathleen Kennedy Remains Clueless Talking About Star Wars: KOTOR

Kathleen Kennedy recently talked about Knights of the Old Republic in and interview and showed once again she is clueless when it comes to the world o...

Kathleen Kennedy Suddenly Has A Plan For Star Wars?

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JJ Abrams Confirms Kathleen Kennedy Had NO PLAN For The Sequel Trilogy

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Daisy Ridley & Kathleen Kennedy Take The Stage At SWCC 2019 | The Star Wars Show Live!

Watch Daisy Ridley and Kathleen Kennedy's interview at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019!

The Star Wars Agenda BACKFIRES - Kathleen Kennedy's True Plan Exposed

Old footage of Kathleen Kennedy reveals she was evil all along.... Our new record breaker: https://youtu.be/ASTAJK5U0YY Classic Shill Garbage: ...

Star Wars! Kathleen Kennedy Confirms Old Republic Movies In Development (Star Wars News)

Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer was revealed at star wars celebration just days ago and many were very happy with what they saw, we will be go...

The Force Isn't Female? Kathleen Kennedy Throws NIKE Under The Bus!

KathleenKennedy #StarWars #TheForceisFemale.

Kathleen Kennedy 3 More Years BREAKDOWN

Kathleen Kennedy 3 More Years today. Beyond The Trailer's reaction & breakdown. Almost fired from Star Wars, must focus on streaming.

Kathleen Kennedy almost FIRED - Star Wars Fan Backlash UPDATE

Star Wars Backlash today! Beyond The Trailer's exclusive breakdown! Bob Iger wants Kathleen Kennedy fired re SJW vs Male Fans disaster!

Star Wars: Why Kathleen Kennedy couldn’t be fired in 2018

On December 21st of 2018, Jon Kasdan, the writer of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" tweeted “Hard not to wonder how Solo might've faired if it had come out ...

Part 2: George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy: Getting Started on the New Star Wars Films

Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas discuss the next steps in making new Star Wars movies, including selecting a director and what Lucas' role will be.