Lennie James

Fear the Walking Dead - Lennie James’s First Day on Set

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Talking Dead Lennie James must always be hidden!

Lennie James (Morgan) talks about how his presence should always be a secret outside the Walking Dead set. From Talking Dead S04E16. #MorganIsBritish.

60 Seconds With...Lennie James

The Walking Dead and Critical actor reveals his auditioning tips, his struggles with Welsh accents, and why he thinks Gary Oldman is the "only true ch...

Lennie James’ Interview on Talking Dead all but SPOILS his own death! WATCH

Lennie James (Morgan currently of The Walking Dead) was interview live via satellite tonight on Talking Dead to discuss his future “crossover” appeara...

S03E12 The Walking Dead - Morgan Jones (by Lennie James)

Lennie James makes an outstanding play in The Walking Dead episode 12 of season 3 as Morgan Jones.

Destiny - Behind the Scenes! (The Sounds of Destiny)

Today Bungie did a stream showing off the sounds of Destiny and within that stream we got to see the faces of the actual people who voiced the charact...

Exclusive Interview: Lennie James

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Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James GAB BOX panel at Walker Stalker Atlanta 2016

A 'GAB BOX' panel hosted by Ross Marquand following a showing of 'The Walking Dead' pilot episode with stars, Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James. Featuri...

Talking Dead - Lennie James on Cooper Andrews (Jerry)

From Talking Dead 7x10 "New Best Friends".

Lord Shaxx ( Lennie James ) declares I'm the crucible!

September 2nd at salt lake comic con 2016 Lennie James the voice of Lord Shaxx from destiny declared that I was the crucible!


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Talking Dead Andrew Lincoln on Lennie James (Morgan)

From Talking Dead S04E16 ( WD season 5 finale)

Down 'N Dirty W/ Lennie James (Episode 105)

On our fifth episode, Kyla interviews the man, the myth, the legend: Lennie James. The two talk about peanut butter bars, Howard the Duck and being pa...

The Walking Dead's Tom Payne Talks Losing Lennie James to Fear Cross-Over

"If you're going to send someone, then send one of your best." TV Guide's official YouTube channel brings you behind-the-scenes access to your favorit...

Under The Skin... Focus On: Lennie James | Critical

Every second counts in a ground-breaking new medical drama coming to Sky 1 HD. Critical will be one story, in one place, in one hour - a real-time med...

Talking Dead - Andrew Lincoln & Lennie James on Sonequa

From Talking Dead 7x16 "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life".

The Walking Dead's Lennie James teases Carol and Morgan's 'deep' relationship

IBTimes UK exclusive: The Walking Dead's beloved characters Morgan and Carol have developed one of the most fascinating relationships the show has see...

The crossover character from (TWD TOO FTWD)

we finally got it today. on the talking dead . it is actor Lennie James (Morgan Jones) all rights goo too amc and talking dead.

Lennie James Q&A Dutch Comic Con 2017

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Lennie James (Walking Dead) - Full Panel/Q&A - SLCC 2016

HD 1080p60 - Lennie James, known for his roles as Morgan Jones on The Walking Dead and as Robert Hawkins on Jericho, talks about his role on the TWD a...

The Walking Dead - Lennie James Hated Filming Season 7!

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14 - Lennie James Hated Filming Season 7 & Morgan Spotlight! Lennie James "hated" being apart from Walking Dead cast...

Jericho Season 2 - Lennie James' Memorable Moments

Lennie James reminisces about his most memorable moments on Jericho.

Lennie James - The Walking Dead at Comic-Con 2015

What kind of effect will have Morgan's presence on Rick ? Find out here. #FOXComicCon.