Lori Petty

Lori Petty Answers Your Questions

Lori Petty answers questions from our Facebook fans at our screening of Point Break at Oscars Outdoors. http://www.facebook.com/TheAcademy.

Lori Petty | 2017 SAG Awards

Host Alina Vission talks to Lori Petty from Orange is the New Black on the 2017 SAG Awards Red carpet. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz!

Tank Girl (1995) - Who Wants an Oil Change Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

Tank Girl movie clips: http://j.mp/2jDmEAO BUY THE MOVIE: http://j.mp/2k1N4sl Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1u2y6pr CLIP ...

The Poker House - Exclusive: Lori Petty and Jennifer Lawrence Interview

We go for an exclusive interview with Director Lori Petty and star Jennifer Lawrence to talk about The Poker House. For more movie trailers, movie rev...

Lori Petty #Lifestyle (Lolly Whitehill in OITNB) Net Worth, Interview, Girlfriend, Biography

Lori Petty #Lifestyle (Lolly Whitehill in OITNB) Net Worth, Interview, Girlfriend, Biography of Lori Petty. Netflix TV Show Orange is the New Black ca...

5 Actors Who Were Fired And Replaced During Filming

If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-looper Landing a high-profile movie role doesn't always guarantee you'll actually be featured i...

Lori Petty - Career

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8 Questions with OITNB's Lori Petty

TV Time (TVShow Time) is the perfect app for TV addicts. Follow and track all of your favorite television shows in one place! Download here: http://bi...

A League Of Their Own Cast Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-The-List One of the most beloved sports movies of the '90s, A League of Their Own dramatized th...

Point Break (Keanu Reeves,Patrick Swayze,Lori Petty)+Thunder - Imagine Dragons (Cover)

На гребне волны(1991) + Thunder - Imagine Dragons (Cover) Киану Ривз, Патрик Суэйзи, Лори Петти.

Orange Is The New Black - Lori Petty Interview

This is an exclusive interview with actress Lori Petty from The Five Count radio show in Mankato, Minn. To hear more interview visit http://thefivecou...

Gotham S02E14 Scene - Ode To The Dark Knight? #TVOverKill

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Lush Life - s01e03

Lori Petty and Karyn Parsons.

Tank Girl clip (1995)

Lori Petty is among the few survivors of a dystopian Earth; riding a war tank, she fights against the tyranny of a mega-corporation that dominates the...

Lori Petty (Official Video) - Turn Back Now

Video Directed By: Erich Buenger Song Produced By : Steve Janega, Natural Sound Studios Courtesy of Bottle Tree Productions : https://bottletree.zone/

Lori Petty Best performance

Lori petty gets what she wants in this clip..

What Does Soul Food Mean To You? with Stefanie Kelly and actor and director Lori Petty

In this segment, NYC Chef Stefanie Kelly chats with actor, writer and director, Lori Petty, as they discuss favorite soul foods, Ms. Petty's latest gi...

OITNB: Lori Petty Fan Girls Over Matt Bellassai & Plays 'Never Have I Ever' | SAG | INSTANT

"Orange Is The New Black" star Lori Petty fan girls over comedian Matt Bellassai and plays 'Never Have I Ever', revealing more celeb stories on the 20...

Point Break - Shrimp and Fries

Johnny Utah convinces Tyler to teach him how to surf after her initial resistance.

Lori Petty

This is a slide show of Lori Petty when she was still in Omaha, Nebraska, 1982 or 1983. I can't remember, exactly. This was before she ran off to New ...

OITNB Lori Petty

Drones & Body Parts.

Dottie Gets Recruited - A League of Their Own (1/8) Movie CLIP (1992) HD

A League of Their Own movie clips: http://j.mp/1CQS2uD BUY THE MOVIE: http://bit.ly/2cqjEQZ http://amzn.to/rHn50j Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS:...

Malcolm McDowell and Lori Petty on GMA talking about Tank Girl

Malcolm McDowell and Lori Petty on GMA talking about Tank Girl. Such great chemistry between these two!

Lori Petty Gets Love From A Little Fan At The Nickel City Con

Lori Petty has a 7 year old tell her she is prettier then a mermaid and gets a big hug from him.