Pen Circle Traps Ant (But How?)

Pen Circle Traps Ant (But How?)

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Ant Gets Trapped in Pen Circle

via YouTube Capture.

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Reacting to Pen Circles Trap Ants (But How?)

In this episode of Tea Time I react to ants getting trapped by circle drawn on a piece of paper! Just how does it happen? Well today we're going to fi...

Pen Circle Traps Ant?

How can an ant get trapped in a pen circle? Somehow this crazy trick works and Mami CrayCray react to it. Instagram: @mamicraycray Original video - Li...

The Ant Circle Test

Will Drawing a Circle around an Ant stop if from leaving the circle like some kind of false barrier ? Lets See!

discovery in ant's life .wmv

Video is showing that how can we easily limit an ant with a circle ... made by pouria [email protected]

When Ants Meet Candy

When ants meet candy, they dance, they kiss, they party like crazy, they eat like crazy, they are simply crazy. Enjoy!

Pen Circle traps ant in notebook paper

Sorry about to bad quality done by my niece.

Pen Circle TRAPS Ant!!!


Ant Trap in Pen Circle

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Office paper bug trapped by Ink Maze

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Keep Ants Away With Chalk

Ants hate chalk and will almost never cross a chalk line. Useful for keeping them away from your house. Just your average crayola chalk right here.

Pen Circle Traps Ant (But How?) REACTION!!!

This is a "Pen Circle Traps Ant (But How?)" REACTION! "Yeah, it was a silent review" - Tyrone Magnus Want my voice? Read my tweets!


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Pen circle traps ant (But How) REACTION!

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Capturing an Ant with a Marker Circle - Ant Pheromone Experiment ...Click here to buy an Ant Control Insecticide! There's a myth rolling around that you can draw a circle around an ant with a m...

Pen Circle Traps Ant (But How?) Reaction

Pen Circle Traps Ant (But How?)

Pen Circle Traps Ant (But How?) CRAZY REACTION!!!

This is a "Pen Circle Traps Ant (But How?)" CRAZY REACTION! "Yeah, it was a chaotic review" - neTyro sunMag Want my voice? Read my tweets! https://twi...

Little funny red spider trapped by a simple ink pen - Trombidiidae

Trombidiidae : little funny spider trapped by a simple ink pen. Spider are this: It...

Ant trap in a Circle

So a ant can be trap in a circle. Dont forget to like & subscribe. 01-16-18.