colour blind awareness

Colour Blind Awareness #1ineveryclassroom Rainbow Song

Cuddle the Cloud sings us the colours of the rainbow and we see how they look to him. Directed and produced by Gareth Wood. Words and music by Janet ....

Colour Blind Awareness #1ineveryclassroom Marcus' Story

Marcus and his mum tell us the story behind the Colour Blind Awareness Rainbow Song. Directed and produced by Gareth Wood.


A short animation to explain why it's important to be aware of colour blindness in sport.

Colour blind awareness in football

Colour Blind Awareness founder Kathryn Albany-Ward talks about colour blindness and the impact it can have on watching live football matches.

Taking A Colour Blind Test With Colour Blind Glasses

I got my colour blind glasses so let's see if my test results are different Tour Tickets ▻ DNA Test ...

Color Blind Awareness Video

KINES APA: Yosselin Muller Osiris Sierra Jasmine Ayala Alejandra Tapia.

UPDATED VIDEO Lars Lagerbäck on the problems of being a colour blind football coach

The original video was presented to the UEFA FSR conference in February 2016. This updated video includes 'colour blind' simulations. Simulations prov...

Colorblind awareness

Colorblind Awareness

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Color Blindness?

Color blind awareness at Europa League final

The UEFA Europa League Festival showcased how color blind people see football – from a player, fan or coach perspective – to raise awareness about thi...

Mead ES Blind Awareness

The young minds at Mead Elementary are eager to absorb all the knowledge around them. That includes learning about several classmates who are visually...

The World Of Colour - Promoting Colour Blindness Awareness

A fast timeskip of our Professionalism, Ethics and Communication in Health - Practicum (PECH-1102) project on colour blindness. #colourblindness ...

Hidden Talents of the Color Blind with Amanda Melin

Think being color blind is a disadvantage? Washington University anthropologist Amanda Melin says don't be so sure. Color blindness actually may give ...

Awareness Color Blind 2017 Singapore

This is a video created for Color blind awareness. It was made for my school project. But just to share and educate people on color blindness. Do give...

Blindness Awareness Month 2014

The Bahamas Alliance for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

The Life of Blind - Blindness Awareness Short Clip

Blindness may results from disease, injury or any other conditions that limit vision. We are not one of them today, but we could be one of them in fut...