david duke

David Duke Show May 25th 2018 with Mark Collett

Dr Duke Mark Collett of UK Expose How Affirmative Action Kills Tens of Thousands of Lives.

David Duke Show May 24th 2018 guest Tom Kawczynski

Dr Duke with Tom Kawcsynski - The Zio-Evil Center of the White House Jared Kushner & How Jewish Power is Rooted in Ultra-Racism, and Divide & Conquer.

David Duke Show May 23rd 2018

Dr Duke & Eric Striker on Zio-Soviet Mass Murder in Katyn & Historic Jewish Role Worldwide White Slavery!

David Duke Show May 21st 2018

Dr Duke & Hitchcock on Alex Jones Now Exposing Jewish Power! - Increasingly -The Goyim Know!

David Duke Show May 14th 2018

Duke And Hitchcock - Jews Celebrate 70th Anniversary Of Israel Today By Slaughtering & Maiming Thousands Of Palestinians!

David Duke Show May 17th 2018

Dr Duke and Dr Slattery Expose Jewish Anti-White Racism & How Zionist Occupy the Deep State in the U.S. as They Occupy Palestine!

David Duke Show May 11th 2018

Dr Duke & Mark Collett of UK Expose the 1984-style Crackdown on People Who Dare to Express "Racist Facts!"

David Duke Show May 15th 2018

Dr Duke & Atty Bill Johnson of AFP discuss the Deep Zionist State the Causes of White Destruction!

WATCH: Former KKK Leader David Duke Goes BONKERS At Louisiana Senate Debate!!

In a debate before an empty auditorium at Louisiana's Dillard University, former Ku Klux Klan head David Duke traded insults with his opponents and go...

David Duke Show May 8th 2018

Dr. Duke - Schneiderman - Another Zio Racist Girl Torturer Bites the Dust & U.S. Senate Candidate Patrick Little.

David Duke Show May 10th 2018

Dr Duke - The Zionist Conspiracy Theory is NOT a THEORY - it is a FACT! Exposing Israel's Crimes in Syria!

David Duke Show May 9th 2018

Dr. Duke - Schneiderman - Another Zio Racist Girl Torturer Bites the Dust & U.S. Senate Candidate Patrick Little.

David Duke Show April 27th 2018

Dr Duke & Mark Collett - ZioMedia Black "Perfect Father" convicted of Sex Assault & Insane Alt-light Promo of Kayne West & Slimy Whore Kim Kardashian!

David Duke vs Rabid Leftist Cenk Uygur

Rabid Leftist Cenk Uygur couldn't handle the truth.

David Duke Show May 1st 2018

Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock Expose Netanyahu's Lies on Iran - Like Iraq, it's Deja-Jew all over again!

Dr David Duke Talks With Tommy Sotomayor Aug 2, 2016

Welcome to the AtheistCoderStallion! I'm here to spread the truth of what everyone that carries the poison of what "God" is and we all dont understand...

David Duke Show April 26th 2018

Dr. Duke & Eric Striker - Trump Praises Kanye West ??? America is now a Reality TV Show & The Zio-Propaganda Blackkklansman!

David Duke Show April 12th 2018

Dr. Duke Speaks Directly to President Trump! Don't Give into the Zionist Monsters Who Want War and Who Like Rosenstein and the NY ZioTimes are Politic...

Former Ku Klux Klan Member David Duke's Rise To Prominence | Flashback | NBC News

After having served as a state senator for two years, former Ku Klux Klan member David Duke was able to force a run-off in the race for Governor of Lo...

David Duke Show May 7th 2018

Evil Zionist persecution of 89-year-old Ursula Haverbeck for her speech and Jewish role in anti-White hate and racism.

David Duke, KKK support Donald Trump

Donald Trump's campaign is getting support from hate groups such as the KKK and their former leader David Duke. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

David Duke vs Tree of Logic - The "JQ" Debate

Dislike this video if you thought that David Duke was unhinged and ill-prepared for this debate. This video is for educational purposes only and its p...