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Grant Forgets He Sucks

Grant has amnesia. Not even a cool story. He hit his head on his car roof because he forgot it's not a convertible. FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY: ...

Defender of the Basic

A glint of steel, on the horizon. Tis' the raised blade of Sir John Doe, defender of the basic, here to proclaim: ANCHORMAN IS ACTUALLY VERY FUNNY.

Every Wedding Speech Ever

I've never been funny before, but I'm gonna go ahead and try it right now, on the most important day of your life! FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY: ...

If People Acted Like They Do on Dating Apps | Hardly Working

Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, they're all different dating apps, but they share one important trait: they crush your soul into dust. Hardly Working - What re...

What Is the Sexiest Way to Die?

Katie hosts a philosophical discussion on the sexiest way to die, joined by fellow great minds Raph, Ally, and Brennan. FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY: ...

You're Not Edgy, You're Just Lazy | CH Shorts

I don't pay taxes because I'm a REVOLUTIONARY and will TEAR THIS SYSTEM DOWN! Not because I'm, like, some lazy guy or somethin'. CH Shorts - Original ...

The Don't Laugh Newsroom Challenge

Our reporters have no idea what they're about to read off their Teleprompter. If they laugh, they lose. FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY: ...

Sorry, What’d You Say Again?

When you don't hear what someone said to you, and you've already asked them to repeat themselves twice… sometimes the best plan is to just throw yours...

Food For Thought Game Show

Made by Central Campus students. Produced by Jessie Hixenbaugh.

Outtakes: Sex Daddies Celebrate Father's Day

CAST Grant O'Brien Ally Beardsley Raphael Chestang Rekha Shankar CREW Director - Arthur Enright Writer - Mike Trapp Producer - Jessie Hixenbaugh ...

Free Speech In Public Schools

Free Speech in Public Schools. Produced by Jessie Hixenbaugh.

What's Not Actually British?

Our new favorite game show, Britain or Bollocks? See more LIKE us on: FOLLOW us on: ....

Free Speech in Schools

Free Speech in Public Schools. Produced By Jessie Hixenbaugh.

Parent Trap Movie Review

Parent Trap Movie Review by Jessie Hixenbaugh and Aly Merschman.

Living with a Gift

A documentary about Down syndrome. Produced by Jessie Hixenbaugh. With special thanks to the Zimney Family.

You're All a Bunch of Phone Zombies | Hardly Working

Your phone is KILLING you. Also the large wound in your side but mostly your phone! Katie can't believe that Raph, Ally, and Siobhan would be so anti-...

Child Abuse PSA

Single Shot Spot about child Abuse. Made for Central Campus Film Class. Produced by Jessie Hixenbaugh.

Alex Jones’s Head Finally Exploded

Zac, Grant, and Katie discuss how Stretch Armstrong left in a car console on a hot summer day/media personality Alex Jones's head finally exploded.

Um, Actually Ep. 6: Monsters, Moogles, and Side Mirrors

Aslan takes a hard line on lipstick. FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY: GRANT: KATIE: ...

Pull Over

Central class project pull over. Produced by Jessie Hixenbaugh and Aly Merschman.

Visiting Your Crappy Hometown

Your crappy hometown is the #1 tourist destination for every traveler that needs to go there so their parents aren't sad! See more http://www.collegeh...

The Machine

Final Project for 1st semester 2008 at Central Campus Broadcasting and Film. Produced by Jessie Hixenbaugh.

Insecure Martin Luther King Jr. | CH Shorts

I have a dream... ugh, wait, no one wants to hear about my dreams, do they? Even some of the greatest orators of our time second-guess their speeches ...

CollegeHumor Goes To Hell

Crossing my fingers for an eternal torture suited just for me! See more LIKE us on: ....