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Meet John Berman, CNN's newest anchor

CNN welcomes John Berman as an "Early Start" co-anchor. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at Or visit our ...

John Berman on beards and Blitzer

New 'Early Start' co-anchor John Berman talks starting his new gig and his affinity for facial hair. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channe...

John Berman vs. Dan Harris

Why is ABC's John Berman often mistaken for his colleague Dan Harris? For more, click here:

John Berman: An apple solution to an orange problem

CNN's John Berman discusses whether President Donald Trump's latest threat to secure funding for the border wall is a tactic or a tantrum. #CNN #News.

ABC's John Berman Says 'Ohio' is the State To Watch

John Berman talks about ABC News Now's coverage of 2010 election results.

CNN Quiz Show ignites rivalry between anchors

CNN's Jake Tapper speaks with his "arch nemesis" John Berman about CNN's new quiz show.

Rainy Days Don't Get John Berman Down

ABC's John Berman asks people what they dislike more than bad weather.

Best of 2010: John Berman's 90 Seconds of News

Julian Assange; Betty White; Bed Bugs; World Cup Noisemakers; Royal Wedding.

John Berman calls Trump's bluff about border wall

CNN's John Berman says President Donald Trump agreeing to sign a bill to keep the government funded seems odd because it does not include money for a ...

John Berman: Process of reuniting families is 'an unholy mess'

Despite an upcoming deadline to reunite families separated at the border, the Trump administration still does not have a definitive number of children...

John Berman slams Trump over Saudi response

CNN's John Berman looks at President Donald Trump's relationship with Saudi Arabia after the President signaled that he will not take strong action ag...

Sarah Sanders tries to distance Roger Stone arrest from Trump

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders discusses the arrest of President Donald Trump's longtime associate Roger Stone. #CNN #sanders #stone #News.

Berman: WH is a picture of turbulence, chaos

CNN's John Berman recaps the White House's chaotic couple of weeks after President Trump dismissed the chaos as "energy."

Berman fact-checks Trump on 'emergency' definition

CNN's John Berman breaks down the partial government shutdown as it enters its third week, which will make it the longest government shutdown in US hi...

John Berman: Mueller probe keeps finding broomsticks

CNN's John Berman talks about the disconnect between the President's common "witch hunt" message and polling suggesting a majority of Americans suppor...

Berman: Trump has no problem with verbal attacks

In response to a shooting at a Maryland newspaper, President Donald Trump condemned violent attacks on the media. CNN's John Berman recognizes his ...

Jim Jordan pressed on FBI anti-Trump claim

CNN's John Berman presses Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) about Jordan's comments that the FBI was actively trying to prevent President Donald Trump from winni...

How Do You How-To With John Berman: Stay Manly Wearing Makeup

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