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Who Makes Life Noggin? Face Reveal + Q&A!

Life Noggin just hit 1 Million Subscribers! Thank you all so much for supporting this channel! Follow Us Pat: ...

What Happens When You're Falling In Love? | Life Noggin IRL

To explain the science of falling in love, I finally came to your world for the FIRST TIME EVER! Watch more: Check out Cameron's INCREDIBLE Channel!

The Physics Of Minecraft

How similar is the Minecraft world to our own? Let's find out some of the science behind Minecraft! Click here to see more videos: ...

Do You Know If Your Memories Are Real?

Smells and sounds might trigger your memories, but how do you know if they're real? \ Watch More: Why Do We Forget Things?

What If You Never Felt Pain?

Pain feels terrible but it's super important! Watch more: Could We Build Indestructible Armor? ▻▻ Subscrib...

What If We Could Teleport?

Could teleportation ever be possible? Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. The first 500 people to sign up at this link in the will get the...

What If You Didn't Have Bones?

Bones are essential to your life, but why? Install Vikings NOW and get 200 gold! iOS - Android - Watch mor...

The Most Unusual Source Of Power You've Never Heard Of

What if I told you we could power the world with your poop? Well... it's real! Check out VRV: Merch: http://www.keeponthinkin...

2 Million Subscribers Face Reveal (sort of) and Thank You

See my real face on my instagram here; ALSO, counting to 2 million would only take a bit over 23 days. Ignor...

What Would REALLY Happen If You Cloned Yourself?

What happens when we clone things? Is cloning people even possible? Watch more: “Could We Bring Extinct Animals Back To Life?


Have you ever wondered why we dress up in costumes and ask our neighbors for candy? This is the History Of Halloween! Click here to see more videos: ....

Could Playing Music DRASTICALLY Change Your Brain?

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What Would Happen If You Never Stopped Growing?

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What If Jupiter Never Existed?

Is Jupiter ultimately responsible for preserving life on Earth? Watch More: What If Earth Doubled In Size?

Why Do We Laugh? ft. Steven Suptic

Laughter: It's something all of us do. Is there any scientific benefits to this act? Check out Steven Suptic's channel: ...

Welcome To Life Noggin!

Welcome to Life Noggin! A channel educating you on Science, Pop culture, Art and History. We're going to explore it all and have a ton of fun doing it...

What Is Life Noggin?

Welcome to Life Noggin! A channel educating you on science and the world around you. We're going to explore it all and have a ton of fun doing it! FOL...

What Is Schizophrenia Anyways?

You've heard a lot about Schizophrenia in TV and movies, but what is it really? How does it affect a person's mind? Watch more: What Are The Chances Y...

What If You Didn't Sleep For A Week? ft. TheOdd1sOut

We all know sleep is important, but what if you just.... stopped doing it? Watch more: Check out TheOdd1sOut!

Do You Really Need To Have Friends?

Is there a difference between real friends and Internet friends? How many friends do you actually need? Watch More: Does Your Dog Love You?

Could You Survive In These Extreme Conditions?

Could you run for a year? Just how far can you push the human body? Watch more: What Do Performance-Enhancing Drugs Do To Your Body?

Will Earth Ever Be Sucked Into A Black Hole?

Black holes are both fascinating and terrifying, but do we need to worry about falling into one? Watch More: How Does A Planet Die?

What Makes Sleep Paralysis So Terrifying?

What causes sleep paralysis, and do you need to be worried? Watch more: Why Is It So Hard To Fall Asleep?

How Much Damage Can An Earthquake Do?

Earthquakes are awful, but just how bad are they? Watch more: How Long Will Our Monuments Last?