nervous squirrel

Nervous Squirrel checking me out.

When I was taping this squirrel, he didn;t know what to make of my camera.

Nervous Squirrel - Ring Modulator

Not a module but works perfectly with modular, takes up no HP and no power! The Nervous Squirrel - Ring Modulator works great with line levels for ...

nervous squirrel

Nervous squirrel scared by birds

This squirrel was totally freaked out by a cardinal and a tiny carolina wren. His reaction is priceless. The slow motion really captures his reactions...

Nervous Squirrel

Squirrel keeping an eye out for a hawk that has been checking out the area. This GoPro video was shot and edited by Lynn Hemeon of ...

Nervous Squirrel Finally Bags a Walnut

I think there must've been a cat on the prowl before I stepped outside...

Nervous Squirrel

Nervous Squirrel says "Bombs Away!"

Squirrel gets a nut from the bag feeder, but then notices something in the distance -- WAY in the distance -- and warns the other squirrels in the are...

Squirrel Choking on a Peanut Shell - Very Loud

Hello Backyard Friends! I seen this video after I downloaded. I seen this and got a little nervous for this little guy. Was really thankful after I se...

nervous squirrel

squirrel not sure about camera.

Baby Squirrel Befriends Cat | The Dodo

Baby Squirrel Is Obsessed With This Cat | This wild baby squirrel fell in love with a cat Footage provided by Caters TV:

Nervous Squirrel pixelating

A video from my ARLO camera.

Nervous Li'l Squirrel 27Nov12

One of the more nervous squirrels that visit regularly, he's getting bolder by the day and I'm sure it's only a matter of time... :p.


he's assaulting kugel on the nickerson green. and no, the camera wasn't zoomed in.

Nervous squirrel

squirrel on patio screen teasing my cat.

Danger Awareness (Chipmunk&Red Squirrel)

The chipmunk senses danger before the blue jays make their warning calls. While filming this I actually got a little nervous and kept looking over my ...

Sabrina's breakfast 6.21.17

Just an example of Sabrina's breakfast. She's usually much more relaxed, this attempt to film it was out of the norm and so that's why she's nervous.

One very nervous hand fed squirrel

This guy managed to get one little sunflower seed but he just couldn't convince himself that I was safe. With time he will get to know me well.

Baby Squirrel Rescue: will mama squirrel return?

Will the Baby Squirrel be reunited with its Mama? Mom Squirrel Looking for Fallen Baby Gets Help Visiting my own mom, i happened to be in the right pl...

Nervous Squirrel

This Red Squirrel was at Lime Creek Nature Center on May 10, 2018. It sure looked nervous as it bounced on this tree.

Nervous Squirrel

Nervous Squirrel.