nervous squirrel

Nervous Squirrel - Ring Modulator

Not a module but works perfectly with modular, takes up no HP and no power! The Nervous Squirrel - Ring Modulator works great with line levels for ...

Nervous Squirrel checking me out.

When I was taping this squirrel, he didn;t know what to make of my camera.

Nervous squirrel scared by birds

This squirrel was totally freaked out by a cardinal and a tiny carolina wren. His reaction is priceless. The slow motion really captures his reactions...


he's assaulting kugel on the nickerson green. and no, the camera wasn't zoomed in.

Nervous Squirrel

Squirrel keeping an eye out for a hawk that has been checking out the area. This GoPro video was shot and edited by Lynn Hemeon of ...

Nervous Squirrel

Nervous Squirrel.

Nervous squirrel does ritual dance

Nervous squirrel does a strange ritual dance in a cage REF. 6619 To license, please contact [email protected]

Squirrel Choking on a Peanut Shell - Very Loud

Hello Backyard Friends! I seen this video after I downloaded. I seen this and got a little nervous for this little guy. Was really thankful after I se...

Circuit bent mechanical furby sequencer - The Furby Gurdy!

Each furby has 4 controls: mute, crash, loop and reset. The handle turns 8 cams which operate corresponding microswitches to create interesting rhythm...

nervous squirrel

squirrel not sure about camera.

Nervous Squirrel

Nervous Squirrel says "Bombs Away!"

Squirrel gets a nut from the bag feeder, but then notices something in the distance -- WAY in the distance -- and warns the other squirrels in the are...

One very nervous hand fed squirrel

This guy managed to get one little sunflower seed but he just couldn't convince himself that I was safe. With time he will get to know me well.

Nervous Squirrel

Nervous Squirrel

This must have been a young squirrel because he didn't know what to think of the frogs around our pond and the fish in the pond. Too funny!!

nervous squirrel

Sabrina's breakfast 6.21.17

Just an example of Sabrina's breakfast. She's usually much more relaxed, this attempt to film it was out of the norm and so that's why she's nervous.

Nervous red squirrel

Very funny and very nervous red squirrel coming to eat peanuts from me.

Nervous squirrel

squirrel on patio screen teasing my cat.

Nervous Squirrel Wants Egg

Squirrel Wants The Egg.

Part 1: Nervous squirrel works up the courage to retrieve peanut

This black squirrel has started dropping by my balcony in its quest to harvest nuts for the Canadian winter - so I decided to help him out :) Join me ...

Nervous Squirrels

just a test to figure this shit out with vegas 7 and youtube.

Nervous squirrel

Scaredy Squirrel Takes A Walnut 31Dec12

One of the regular, but more nervous squirrels, takes the plunge and goes for it!