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Tap Dance World Championship 2012 - Solo, male, Adults - Aleksandr Ostanin - Ukraine

World Tap Dance Championship 2012 Riesa, Germany Aleksandr Ostanin - Solo, Male, Adult.

How to TAP DANCE - Beginner Tutorial

How to TAP DANCE - Get your tap journey off to a flying start with the 2 most important tap steps for any beginner... Learning something for the first...

"Cups" Tap Dance - Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect)

Christopher Rice (of Broadway's Book of Mormon) dances alongside other Broadway and Broadway tour dancers to the hit Anna Kendrick song. Featuring: .....

Happy Tap Dance #TAPPY - Pharrell Williams

Happy Tap Dance #TAPPY *Please view in HD by clicking the gear icon* Christopher Rice, of Broadway's Book of Mormon and last year's “Cups: A Tap Dance...

Irish Dance Group - Irish Step Dancing (Riverdance) 2009

Irish Dance Group - Irish Step Dancing (Riverdance) 2009 Riverdance Lead dancers are Nicola Byrne and Alan Kenefick.

100 Years of Tap dance

You can follow me on Instagram @anezkaknotkova for more tap :) Created by Anna Turková, Nikola Pracná and Anežka Knotková Dancer and choreographer: .....

Air Hostess' Tap Dance Amazes Airport Passengers

Air Hostess filmed doing a bit of tap dance before boarding a flight to Bermuda at Heathrow.

Tap Attack show us their fancy footwork! | Auditions | BGT 2018

Tap dancing squad 'Tap Attack' thrilled the audience with their high energy audition. Take a look at their stompingly good dance moves! See more from ...

Katie Holmes Teaches Ellen to Tap Dance

The two strapped on their taps for a very successful first lesson.

Eleanor Powell & Fred Astaire "Begin the Beguine" Tap Dancing

Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell - Broadway Melody of 1940, the second half of the "Begin the Beguine" number. The first half was a tango, formal jacke...

How To Tap Dance: Basic Steps

Tap dance is an intricate style of dance. Not only are you moving your feet, you must ensure that your entire body is performing as well. Also, the so...

Tap vs Irish Dance

River dancer, Tap contra Irish Dance.

SURPRISING DANCERS on Got Talent! | Top Talent

Watch the MOST surprising dancers ever on Got Talent! Including performances from: Old Men Grooving on Britain's Got Talent Light Balance on America's...


Watch us dancing through time (Evolution Of Dance) from the 1920's - 2000's. Lindy Hop, Charleston, Tap, Rock n Roll, Swing, Disco, Breakdance, Hip Ho...

Maddie Ziegler -These Boots Were Made For Walking (ALDC LA Meet and Greet)

Maddie does an a cappella version of her tap solo these boot were made for walking at the meet and greet i went to today!! *kenzie's foot is in a boot...

Syncopated Ladies Tap Dance Salutes A Legend

Not for commercial use. Solely creative expression. @SYNCLADIES www.SYNCLADIES.com Syncopated Ladies Tap Dance.

Nicholas Brothers .. The greatest dance sequence

The Nicholas brothers. Jumping Jive with Cab Calloway. An excerpt from the film Stormy Weather.

Irish Step Dancing (Best show in 2007) Riverdance

amazing team work in this tap dancing performance river dance riverdance Comment, Rate, Appreciate.

How to Tap Dance: Intermediate Combination #1

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS http://bit.ly/PianoAppSale How to Tap Dance.

World Champion tap dancer shows off his skills | Little Big Shots

Kai shows us why he's a six time world champion! ▷ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : http://bit.ly/LittleBigShotsUK Little Big Shots is all about showing you some ...

"No Dames" Full Scene (Hail Caesar!)

Best scene in the movie!


NEW TAP VIDEO!!! #ComeTogether I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for the dedication from everyone behind this project. Behind the came...