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GIANT Darts Challenge!!

"Shoot The Ninja Behind The Paper Wall" Challenge!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Deadly Dart Board Challenge (ft. Team Edge)

Thank you to Bryan for joining on this episode of REKT. The cast has an added metric in this episode, style. Will the be able to break things cool whi...

500 lb GIANT Jenga! 😱

Assemble The Paintball Gun Before You Get Hit!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Madden NFL 18 In Real Life Challenge!

Thanks for watching Connor and Bryan destroy the football field with tackles and blitz's and then take it to the real field for some awesome trickshot...

Which Prop Is He? | Prop Hunt IRL!!

Ultimate Dare Challenge!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

No Prop Will Survive! (Ft. Team Edge) | Garry's Mod [Ep 2]

Being a prop isn't as easy at it looks, especially when you're being hunted down by the guys and Bryan from Team Edge! Which team will win this round?...

Edgeland | Dangerous GIANT Board Game!!

Wannabe Dude Perfect Trick Shots!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Mini Tank Battle Warfare!!💥

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Mechanical Buckin' Bull Showdown!!🤠🐂

Chair Flip Challenge! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡ htt...

Ultimate Warfare Challenge!!

Thanks to Awesome Little Green Men for sponsoring this video! Go check out their website and find out where you can buy them! GIA...

GIANT Skeeball!!

Dizzy Baseball Challenge!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Funny Faces Challenge!! *Hilarious* 😂😂

Tickle Challenge ➡ Support Us On Patreon ➡ https://www.pat...

Egg Dodgeball Challenge!!

Tackle The Person In The Snowman!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Wannabe Dude Perfect Trick Shots!!

Which Prop Is He? | Prop Hunt IRL!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Money Box Challenge!!

NEW Merch Store! ➡ Fruit Golf Challenge ➡ MORE LINKS BELOW TEAM EDGE GEAR ➡ ht...

Fruit Mayhem DEMOLITION Contest! | GIANT Thor Hammer!

Quidd ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡ MORE LINKS BELOW Hey guys! What kind ...

Rocket League In Real Life Challenge!!

Black Friday RAGE Challenge!! ➡ The Machu Picchu Sweater ➡ MORE LINKS BELOW R...

Worlds LARGEST Kerplunk!!🎖🏅

Welcome to the World Record for the Largest Kerplunk! *Verified by Team Edge* Team Edge Merch! ➡

NERF Hitman Challenge!

Thanks for watching the NERF Hitman Challenge, the latest in videos from Hi5 Studios! We're committed to family friendly content designed to make you ...

Chicken Roulette Challenge!!

16 Best "Hit in the Face" Moments! | Reaction Video ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Speak Out Challenge!!

GIANT Billiards Challenge!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Christmas Tree Flip!!

"The Last Jedi" Escape Room!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Black Friday RAGE Challenge!!

GIANT Wheel Of Misfortune!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Why I Stop Uploading Videos...

Instagram ➡ Vote On Upcoming Videos and Thumbnails! Vote Now! ➡ If you enjoy these vlo...