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Top 10 Best Twilight Zone Episodes

Top 10 Best Twilight Zone Episodes Subscribe: TIMESTAMPS BELOW! Frightening, intense, mysterious and exciting all at once, The Tw...

THE TWILIGHT ZONE ~ To Serve Man (1962)

To Serve Man is episode 89 of the anthology series The Twilight Zone. It originally aired on March 2, 1962 on CBS. The story is based on the 1950 shor...

10 Scariest Twilight Zone Episodes

With Get Out mastermind Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone reboot fast approaching on the horizon, and the New Year and SyFy's annual TZ marathon soon upon ...

The New Twilight Zone - Push The Button - Part 1.flv

A down and out couple discovered a box on their doorstep. In it there was a button which they must push in order to collect $200000.00; but only on on...

Twilight Zone 3x21 The Wall

Twilight Zone 3x21 The Wall.

Twilight Zone 3x09 The Call

Twilight Zone 3x09 The Call.


Andrew Lomax (Adrian Pasdar) somehow makes his dream girl (Shannon Elizabeth) real to help him with his writer's block. However, who is real and who i...

THE TWILIGHT ZONE ~ Shelter Skelter (1987)

A survivalist (Joe Mantegna) and his friend find themselves cut off in his shelter after a nuclear bomb detonation.

The Twilight Zone. -- Next Stop Willoughby

A Stop at Willoughby is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. Rod Serling cited this as his favorite story from th...

The Twilight Zone 1x58 A Day In Beaumont

The Twilight Zone 1x58 A Day In Beaumont.

Twilight Zone 80's - 1x03 - Wordplay

Twilight Zone 80's - 1x03 - Wordplay A salesman is horrified and frustrated when everyone else inexplicably starts to speak English with the words com...

THE TWILIGHT ZONE(Eye of the Beholder")

In this remake of the classic Twilight Zone episode, a beautiful woman (Molly Sims) in a futuristic society where everyone is hideous undergoes her 11...

The Time Element Rod Serling

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(The Twilight Zone) Chosen

The episode opens with a man named Vince, talking on the phone to creditors about his debt — obviously he is not a rich man. He answers a knock at his...

The Twilight Zone - A Lesson in Storytelling

Thanks for watching! This week's video essay is an analysis and breakdown of The Twilight Zone. We look to the fundamentals of storytelling, and how t...

Twilight Zone Lite: A Nice Place To Visit

TZ episode quick fix.

Twilight Zone 80's - 1x05 - Chameleon

Twilight Zone 80's - 1x05 - Dream Me a Life A space shuttle returns from a mission and NASA discovers that something unusual has been picked up.

The Twilight Zone - The Collection, Part 1

The Twilight Zone (2002-2003) S1 Ep 38 Miranda's (Jessica Simpson) night of babysitting turns to cold terror when she realizes that the child's eerily...

THE TWILIGHT ZONE (Harsh Mistress" )

A struggling musician named Cory (Lukas Haas) purchases an infamous guitar, which leads to him gaining vast international stardom and wealth, but both...


After nearly being hit by a car, a woman (Ione Skye) is haunted by a strange bus appearing in her street.

Twilight Zone 3x19 Something in the Walls

Twilight Zone 3x19 Something in the Walls.