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Why the triple axel is such a big deal

Triple axels can turn skaters into legends. This is why. Watch the rest of Skate Week, and our other sports explainers, here: Su...

US figure skater makes history, landing triple axel at Olympics

Mirai Nagasu, 24, did not make the 2014 Sochi Olympics team.

Ladies' Triple Axel (3A): from Ito to Tuktamysheva

WATCH THE UPDATED VERSION: From ITO to NAGASU A video with the 6 ladies that have landed a 3A (triple Axel) at an Interna...

Tonya Harding 1991 Nationals LP

Tonya Harding performs her LP at the 1991 Nationals in Minneapolis MN. She made history with this program by being the first US woman to land the trip...

This Is Why Mirai Nagasu's Historic Triple Axel Is So Important

Mirai Nagasu makes Olympic history at the 2018 winter games. Subscribe: --------------------------------------------------------...

Training to Land the Triple Axel | Mirai Nagasu | US Figure Skating

Mirai Nagasu is attempting a jump that no one else is competing. If she lands it at the US Figure Skating Championships she'll be the third American w...

Midori Ito Conquers The Triple Axel | Impossible Moments

After faltering in her first attempt, Japan's Midori Ito became the first woman to land a triple axel at the Olympic Winter Games. The Olympic Winter ...

The Best Triple Axel Jumps Compilation

Compilation of the best Triple Axel jumps by Michal Brezina, Joshua Farris, Yuzuru Hanyu, Ilya Kulik, Evgeni Plushenko and Alexei Yagudin.

I, Tonya's Choreographer Breaks Down the Triple Axel Scene | Notes On A Scene | Vanity Fair

In this episode of "Notes on a Scene," Sarah Kawahara, the movie's choreographer breaks down a scene the 1991 Nationals scene where Tonya Harding land...

My Triple Axel!!!!!!!!

FINALLY. It's not entirely clean, but it's extremely close and it gets better every time (: I finally got a landed one on tape!

The Art of Figure Skating's Triple Axel | Faster Higher Stronger

Olympic Figure Skating medalists Alexei Yagudin and Denis Ten talk us through the technique of one of the most complicated Figure Skating jumps... the...

Mao Asada (Triple axel) FS 2016 World Championship Boston

Mao ASADA Free Skating Ladies 2016 World Figure Skating Championships in Boston 1:10 Awesome triple axel included.

Tonya Harding - 1991 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Ladies' Free Skate

Tonya Finishes first after being the first America Women to complete and Attempt a triple Axel. In my opinion this is top 3 greatest long programs of ...

Tonya Harding Triple Axel

Tonya Harding Triple Axel.

Triple axel, Triple toe loop, Triple lutz, Spin

Kim Yuna Yulia Lipnitskaya Adelina Sotnikova Evgenia Medvedeva Carolina Kostner Mao Asada Ashley Wagner Satoko Miyahara Anna Pogorilaya Elena Radionov...

RIKA KIHIRA (OMG!!! TRIPLE AXEL) Junior GP Ljubljana 2016

RIKA KIHIRA (OMG!!! TRIPLE AXEL) Junior GP Ljubljana 2016 Subscribe now to the Epic Skating channel

LADIES TRIPLE AXEL 2017 | レディーストリプルアクセル | Figure Skating Mashup

Hi! Today I decided to make a video about the ladies who have successfully landed the TRIPLE AXEL jump in international competition. You can see how I...

Midori Ito Triple Axel

First triple axel which is done by a woman.

TOP 5 Triple Axels

Hi everybody! Its my first video please do not judge strictly!


Mirai Nagasu logró que su salto triple axel se viera elegante y sin esfuerzo. Es apenas la tercera mujer en completar con éxito este salto en las Olim...

Mirai Nagasu Makes History As The First American Woman To Land A Triple Axel At The Olympics | TIME

Mirai Nagasu made history when she landed a triple axel, during her free skate for the figure skating team event at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeong...

Mirai Nagasu (Triple Axel) SP 2017 NHK Trophy

Mirai Nagasu 1:04 3.5 Axel jump Short Program Figure Skating NHK Trophy 2017 Osaka.