wedding speech fails

Best Man Toast "Epic FAIL"

Oh this poor man, it hurts to watch it.

Best Man RUINS Entire Wedding - Drunk FAIL

I have no idea why they let him keep going!?!?! oo well it makes a good video Best man Fu*ks up Bad! with this horrible speech caught on tape! Ultimat...

Inappropriate Wedding Toast

A toast at my good friends Dave and Hoools' wedding.

The BEST (worst) Wedding Toast EVER!

This is my very first toast... it's essentially just me standing up in front of a lot of strangers and telling extremely terrible jokes and cringe-wor...

Best man speech fail!!

Funny best man speech.

Sister of the bride makes best Maid of Honor speech !! Funny wedding speech

Sister of the bride makes best Maid of Honor speech !! Funny wedding speech.

Wedding Toast Fail ( - Ep. 3) In life, you don't always get second chances. With recycling - you do. Become a Fan on Facebook: ...

Weddings gone wrong

Newest Fun wedding compilation, amusingly video, fails and very funny bloopers moments, on the important day of the wedding from around the world.

Wedding Fails Compilation 2012 || FailArmy

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Best Man's Speech Fail

Episode 1 This is the happiest day of their lives, until the drunken best man gets up and speaks? Like us on Facebook ...

Maid of honor's awkward speech

My sister did not know she had to make a maid of honor speech, so she kinda just made one up.

Worst Wedding Toast Ever!!- What not to do!!

happiness = poop.

Wedding Speech Disaster

Maid of Honor aka the Bride's sister makes a speech, and forgets how to read, let alone speak English words. The funny part is that she has no idea th...

Bride Can't Stop Laughing During Wedding Vows Groom accidentally pronounces 'lawfully' as 'wawfully,' and the Bride cracks up so much that they had to take a break...

Wedding Moment Fail

Visit to see more epic fail pictures, videos, and secret fail confessions!

Impractical Jokers - Best Man Speech Goes Horribly Wrong (Punishment) | truTV

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Ultimate Wedding Fails 2015 By FailArmy || Funniest Wedding Fails

Wedding season is finally coming to an end. What better way to celebrate than to kick back, relax and watch some of the funniest wedding fails submitt...

My Clumsy Best Man Ruins Our Wedding - THE ORIGINAL


Best Man Ruins The Wedding

The two Best Men put on a show describing how the groom met the bride. Then Jason gets Eric back for what he did at his wedding. And to answer everyon...

Panic Attack - Nervous Wedding Speech 👍😂

1:50 - nauseous! I'm not sure if she was drunk or nervous or mentally challenged or various combos of said scenarios. I hope you enjoy this, I got a g...

Worst MOH speech ever!

Somehow this Maid of Honor didn't know she was supposed to have a speech prepared -_-

Epic Wedding Toast Fail

Justin Johnson shows us how NOT to make a best man speech.