Hello, this is a not so brief comparison of dating across The Sims PC games, dating is a simple game mechanic introduced in Hot Date, Night-Life, Generations (kinda) and Sims 4 is the only one which had it in the base game, something I forgot to mention is teens can date, I suppose all of us know this, but just in case.

I thought this video was gonna be 5 minutes, but oh boy, this one took a while, just a little disclosure, with all of the updates in Sims 4, I've had trouble with my game running well so I'm not sure if something that was said here was the result of that. If so, let me know.

I went into this comparison knowing fully well which game would win and I think many of you do too, but damn, there's SO much stuff I didn't know in all of the games, for instance, I never bothered with online dating in Sims 3 so it was a nice surprise to see it was actually a nice mechanic.

So, what are your thoughts? Which one won for you?

My opinion?

Sims 1 gets a pass for being the first one, instead of a game mechanic, this is a simple feature which was implemented from there forward so in terms of "groundbreaking" I guess it did something right.

Sims 2 made this a mini game out of dating, it's fairly easy to get a good date if you care about needs but any little disaster is gonna be a struggle for sure, I also like the matchmaker and all of the little things Sims do depending on how the date went. That's probably my favorite aspect of dating as a whole.

Sims 3 reverted to Sims 1's standard of just having fun, they do let you know how a date went but it's gonna be fine unless anything negative happens. I loved online dating and it's weird that it's the only one which has implemented this so far.

Sims 4 dates are exactly like outings but with different rules, I feel they wanted to do what Sims 2 did but instead they made it a little less fun making those tasks mandatory, the prizes were pretty "meh" cause they don't have any personalization and I don't think we need even more ways to control emotions. Also, I hate the fact that dates can't go wrong, I just do, maybe many prefer it that way, but I don't. And hey, maybe my game is broken for all I know.

Sims 2 wins by a lot, then Sims 3 and it's the last place I'm not sure of, I'm just so pissed at Sims 4 after this, altho, maybe it's just cause I've been having such a hard time with all the updates, so take my opinion with a grain of salt lol


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