10 Myths About The Pyramids You Won't Believe.
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Just because a mystery is 4,500 years old doesn't mean it can't be solved..." That’s the motto of the Faculty of Engineering of Cairo University. Many mysteries are still left unsolved after the construction of the pyramids of Egypt. And mathematics, history, science, astronomy, and crazy theories are our best chance to find some answers. This is why we are showing you 10 Biggest Mysteries of the Pyramids You’ve Never Heard of.

The first question that most people asked is how the pyramids were built. This time, we found some answers. Ancient Egyptians used to carry heavy blocks on sleds and pour water in front of it to make it easier to move. Moreover, they were not slaves but workers who were paid and respected. However, some people think that they were not humans but actually aliens.

The most popular theory is the pyramids of Egypt were built by extraterrestrials. That would explain why everything about it sounds too perfect to be true. People even believe that the pyramids were built 12,500 years ago when there was no civilized human society on the planet. The ancient Egyptians found the pyramids and started worshiping aliens like their gods. We’re not saying it’s true.

Stay tuned to hear more about the biggest mysteries of the pyramids like that the number pi is really important, the pyramid is almost perfectly facing North, you can see the Orion constellation through the shafts, and more. What do you think about the alien theory? Don’t be shy to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think.

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