We Totally Believe These 10 Frozen 2 Theories, Do You?
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Frozen 2 Everything You Missed In The New Trailer ► https://youtu.be/cC5Ke7t2Qrw
Frozen 2 Theory: The Truth About Elsa's Ice Powers ► https://youtu.be/DJuUjVeC0oM

Anna and Elsa are the best sisters in the Disneyverse, which is why we're super excited to get our hands on "Frozen 2." The teaser trailer left us with more questions than answers, and we're determined to get to the bottom of things. It's been six years since the original movie stole our hearts. And now, we're ready to see what Elsa and Anna have been up to. The trailer confirms that Sven, Olaf, and Kristoff are still in the picture - and boy are we happy to hear it!

Elsa's gifts were once too powerful for her to control. But, the "Frozen 2" trailer clearly showcases the Queen of Arendelle trying to master them. The teaser's contents are intense and exciting, which is why fans are taking to the internet to debate some wild theories. Who do you think will be the big bad in "Frozen 2?" Stick around to hear what "Frozen" fans have to say.

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