How much money do royals really spend?

The royal family is fabulously wealthy. The public's eye is carefully trained on this famous family and every moment of their lives are scrutinized. These glamorous men and women live a life of luxury most of us could only dream about. With a high expectation of style and poise and the public footing the bill, it's no wonder some Windsor's seem to be addicted to shopping. Whether they're spoiling their precocious kids or updating their shoe collection these 10 royals love to spend money. Not all royalty are cut from the same cloth so we'll cover a few who seem to pinch pennies as well. After all, there's nothing wrong with hunting for a good deal. Which member of the royal family do you shop like? Are you a big spender of do you prefer bargains? Let us know in the comments below if you like to spend big or save up.


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