10 Celebrities who were forced to lose weight for a role.

We like to think that celebrities got to where they are because they’re so obviously unlike the rest of us. Aside from talent and hard work, they’re blessed with the genetic lottery of looking so good. But for a lot of Hollywood executives, this isn’t enough. So many celebrities have almost lost out on roles and entire careers just because of one thing: their weight. For a Hollywood executive or studio president, there seems to be no such thing as too thin. Should weight be a deciding factor in who gets the role? For Hollywood at the moment, the answer is yes. Both male and female stars have gotten the stick for not losing enough weight or being thin enough. From veterans like Kate Winslet to newcomers like Hayley Atwell, no star is safe from the dreaded “loser e more weight!” command from producers and directors. Keep watching to see who else had to succumb to Hollywood’s strict weight rules. Tell us what you think in the comments!


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