We warned you! Some of these Nickelodeon cartoon theories will change the way you look at these shows forever!
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Growing up watching shows on Nickelodeon was the greatest thing for many children. From goofy cartoons like SpongeBob Squarepants to live-action hits like iCarly, Nick was always filled with entertainment. On the surface, the shows were filled with great fun and entertainment, but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover some pretty troubling theories and stories about the hit shows.

Timmy Turner is just an ordinary boy with Fairy Godparents, but did he grow up to become Danny Phantom?! SpongeBob’s seasons and tones vastly change through the years and one of these moments is marked with the arrival of the SpongeBob Squarepants movie where a theory reveals he actually died and was reborn into a more immature character. Pete and Pete followed the adventures of two brothers, but did one of the brothers actually not exist at all? There are multiple connections between Drake and Josh with iCarly, Victorious, and Sam & Cat, but one of the biggest connections may be from the character known as Crazy Steve. Drake and Josh may have actually been a reality show the whole time as other characters watch the show and meet various characters from it. Steve from Blue’s Clues was a very happy character, but many theories point to him having some pretty serious drug issues. Timmy Turner’s whole life with fairy godparents may also connect to the character going through some major depression issues. The characters on Jimmy Neutron may feel like they are part of the Truman Show with the way they act and are treated in their city. Watch all of these theories and others and hopefully your childhood won’t be ruined!

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