10 ways to tell if he likes you back.
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Most people believe when it comes to love, women are the ones that fall first and hardest. But according to science, it’s actually men who fall in love, and are often the first to say “I love you.” Other than when he tells you, how can you be sure that a man loves you? We will share some things that every single man does when they fall in love. Love may feel magical, but it’s really a chemical reaction that takes place in our brain, involving things like dopamine which affect our bodies. We’ll explain the science behind why this happens, and how it manifests in behavior. Learn about the different types of romance, and how to tell if you have a compassionate man who wants a healthy, long term relationship with you. Even someone’s body language can tell you whether or not they are in love, so check to see if he’s subconsciously mimicking what you do. When you are finished watching the video, tell us what you think in the comment section, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko!


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