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Children’s show aren’t supposed to give kids nightmares, but there are some shows where you and your children find yourselves waking up in the middle of the night. Across the globe, there have been numerous shows with some extremely strange children’s characters. From large mascots, terrible puppets, and some strange costume designs. See all these horrifying characters and the reasons your child should avoid watching them at all costs!

Sesame Street is known for memorable characters like Big Bird, but your children will never want to count again after watching Nobody fill the TV screen. Talking hands are one thing, but Oobi takes things to a whole other level with the show that only gets weirder the more you watch it. Courage the Cowardly Dog had a lot of weird moments, but nothing was stranger than the blue creature who appeared in dreams. Peppermint Park may be one of the worst puppet shows of all-time as they try to educate children, the only thing sticking in their mind is the ability to produce nightmares. Fofao is one of the creepiest characters you’ll ever see on TV and one of the contributing factors to a child’s fear of clowns. Mr. Blobby was made for comedic purposes, but no one is laughing when the obnoxious character fills up our TV screen. H.R. Pufnstuf is not only scary with his giant head, but the character has a number of on-screen friends who appear pretty frightening as well. Watch to see all these horrifying characters from children’s shows!

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