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River Treasure: Found FULL Military Bag in the River!!! (Deadly Weapons Found - Police Called)

In this video, an afternoon of river treasure hunting with my brother in law Colton quickly turned into night, after finding a military bag at the riv...

STOLEN PURSE Found In Urban Creek! (Returned To Owner)

I found a stolen purse and some other treasure in the urban creek! New to the channel? PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and help me reach 200,000!!

Treasure Hunting In Worlds Most Populated Spring!! (interesting finds)

We treasure hunt one of the worlds most populated natural springs and recover some incredible finds! New? Subscribe and help me reach 600K Subscribers...

River Treasure: iPhone, Gold Rings, Tons of Sunglasses and MUCH MORE!

This video is comprised of mostly underwater shots of me finding treasure in the river. Everything is found by sight, I do not use a metal detector. T...

River Treasure CHALLENGE - Best Find WINS! (ft.DALLMYD)

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What's In The Wallet????

I found a wallet that was lost in the river. I felt guilty looking through it, but it had to be done. I was able to return it to the owner the next da...