How to charge your phone much faster? How to make your phone's battery last more than a day? Here are 14 useful smartphone features that manufacturers forgot to tell you about.

Phones make our lives so much easier! Different applications can come in handy and save you time is many different situations. However, your gadget most likely has some really cool features you haven’t discovered or heard of yet.

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4 Simple Rules to Help Your Phone's Battery Last Longer
• Don’t keep the charger plugged in if the phone is already fully charged.
Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But just think back for a second. How many times have you picked up your charging phone only to discover that it’s already 100% charged (and has been so for quite some time)? Such overvoltage is very, very bad for the battery.

• Your phone doesn’t need to recharge 100%.
Your phone’s battery doesn’t need to stay charged 100%. Keeping it at full capacity is actually very damaging. It’s better to always maintain a small empty gap at the high end of the charge bar. Don’t leave your phone plugged in for too long — just try to give it 10-15 minutes’ feeding time.

• Use every occasion to charge your phone.
This rule is closely connected with the previous one. Whenever you’re playing games or typing a text, be sure to plug the phone’s charger into the socket. Don’t wait for your electronic friend to start signaling you that it’s starving!

• Avoid overheating.
Batteries are extremely sensitive to heat. For instance, Apple especially recommends that their customers remove the case while charging the phone. If, after charging, your gadget becomes hot, try charging it without the case. On the other hand, if you are in a sunny location, leave the case on to protect the device from sunlight.

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