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The makers of superhero movies know their characters better than anyone. That’s why they are so amazing at sneaking in spoilers that fans might never even pick up on until the second or third rewatch. Moments like, when we finally figure out what that orange substance was in the collars in X Men: Days of Future Past, or that Pepper Potts would totally end up saving the day in Iron Man 3! Bruce Wayne mentions that he would like to see Wayne Manor torn down in Batman Begins, and the League of Shadows do him a big favor later on. Maria lets us know that Fury will be back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a blinking light lets us know that Star Lord might not be totally human in Guardians of the Galaxy, and the World’s Greatest Grandma mug is a total hint about what will happen to Scott later on in Ant Man and The Wasp! Dash basically gives away Syndrome’s whole plan in The Incredibles, Lex Luthor uses handshakes to size up his enemies when they first meet in Batman V Superman, Thor wears The Hulk’s colours on Earth to hint that the two will meet up again later in Thor: Ragnarok, Clark Kent’s childhood trauma helps him defeat Zod in Man of Steel, Magneto hints at wanting to kill Shaw in a pretty specific way in X Men: First Class, Sir Patrick lets us know that he’s more than he seems in Wonder Woman, and Peter Parker really needs to learn to lock his door in Spider-Man: Homecoming!

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