20181106 BTS's Reaction to Twice Performance @ MGA

--0:29 Heart Shaker --1:54 What Is Love --3:04 Dance the night away --5:09 VCR --6:36 Yes or Yes Original:

1106 MGA Awards BTS during Twice stage

1106 MGA Awards BTS during Twice performance stage Twitter @hopebi0218 *DO NOT REUPLOAD

181106 MGA BTS 남자댄스상 후보 리액션 REACTION 및 수상 4k 60p fancam 직캠

Do crop, edit, reupload my video. I already reported people steal my video on youtube. and I will. Do not use my video.

1106 MGA BTS reaction to Twice Yes or Yes

BTS reaction to Twice Performance Twitter @hopebi0218 *DO NOT REUPLOAD