FIG Official - 23rd Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships - LAKE BUENA VISTA (USA), April 16-18, 2012

At their first World Championships, Belgian teenagers Nicolas Vleeshouwers and Laure de Pryck dazzled with dramatic, artistic and technically superior routines to take gold in the Mixed Pairs. At the other end of the spectrum, veteran Revaz Gurgenidze and partner Tatiana Okulova (RUS) showed classical, well rehersed work for silver while bronze medallists Denys Iasynskyi and Inna Batuyeva (UKR) overcame a mistake in prelims to finish third after two well-executed routines in finals.

00:00:00 Opener
00:00:19 Title

Mixed Pair Final

GOLD - Belgium - 28.520
SILVER - Russia 1 - 28.453
BRONZE - Ukraine - 28.308

00:00:34 Start list
00:00:46 GREAT BRITAIN Christopher McGreevy and Emily McCarthy - 27.440 - 7th
00:04:26 KAZAKHASTAN Vitaliy Kovalenko and Karina Shokubayeva - 27.890 - 5th

00:07:47 Portugal Goncale Pereira Rocha Roque and Sofia Pereira Rolao - 27.520 - 6th
00:11:08 BELGIUM Nicolas Vleeshouwers and Laure de Pryck - 28.520 - 1st
00:14:28 CHINA Shen Yunyun and Liu Qi - 28.158 - 4th
00:17:36 UKRAINE Inna Batuyeva and Denys Iasynskyi - 28.308 - 3rd
00:20:53 RUSSIA Tatiana Okulova and Revaz Gurgenidze - 28.453 - 2nd

00:24:32 Final ranking
00:24:45 Podium
00:26:08 End

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