50 Cent Eminem BET Cypher
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50cent Explains His Chain of Command with DRE & EMINEM! Please use this Formula

If Cats used 50cent,Dr DRE & Eminem's way on how to move around everybody could keep getting money! Its all about everybody Playing their Part. Too m...

Eminem Donald Trump BET Cypher Freestyle Reaction

Subscribe To 2 Educated Guyz 2 Educated Guyz E.J and Pete react to Eminem’s BET Cypher freestyle. Become an official DAY ONE ...

50 Cent Shares Hilarious Eminem Story

50 Cent Shares Hilarious Eminem Story on Conan.

Eminem is a Complete Idiot

Isn't it an amazing coincidence how rappers all loved Trump, but then he suddenly became a racist when he took on the establishment? Facebook @ https...

Eminem Goes Nuclear on Trump (Like 10-Fold Nuclear)

James looks at the news from the day, including President Donald Trump's latest Twitter raving against the media and Eminem's freestyle take down of T...

Top 10 Famous Rappers Talk About Eminem

Eminem - We Love Our Country (Donald Trump Diss) Top 10 Famous Rappers Talk About Eminem Big Sean ft. Em...