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The closer the Moon is to the horizon, the larger it looks. This phenomenon is called the Moon illusion. And most experts believe that the illusion is created by your own mind! The Moon's gravity is about 17% of that on Earth. If you weighed 200 pounds on our home planet, on the Moon, your weight would decrease to a mere 34 pounds. In prehistoric times, the Moon was way closer to our planet than it is now.

Today, we're going to share the most interesting facts about the Moon with you. It might change your mind about the Moon's simplicity. Did you know, for example, that the Moon (along with our planet) went through a Late Heavy Bombardment about 4 billion years ago? This event is also known as the lunar cataclysm. This interval lasted several hundred million years. During it, an unusually large number of asteroids collided with Earth, Mercury, Mars, and Venus... So, it’s time to delve into the most interesting lunar facts.


Why the Moon seems bright 0:09
The Moon illusion 0:47
Our temporary mini-moon 1:45
A transient lunar phenomenon 2:34
How the Moon was formed 3:34
The Moon's gravity 4:16
The enigmatic something 5:03
Rust on the Moon 5:59
The Earth and the Moon are drifting apart 7:18
Late Heavy Bombardment 7:59

Labyrinth of lava tubes 8:40
Moonquakes 9:38

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