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Seer Jamie Galloway says the invisible realm will be busy in the coming days! We need more seers connected to the heart of God. Is that you?

Jamie Galloway began seeing into the unseen realm at 7 years old. In Jesus, that same ability is available to you, so “earnestly desire the gift,” even today.

Jamie also says you can increase the frequency of seer encounters in your life. When you are motivated by God’s purposes and attuned to what the Father is doing around you, your spiritual eyes and ears will open to the unseem realm!

In his new book, Secrets of the Seer, Jamie gives you 10 keys that show you how to:

• Walk in a seer lifestyle where you can recognize the unseen world in every day situations.
• Recognize seer moments when the convergence between the natural and spiritual occurs.
• Discern supernatural provision by seeing what is often hidden in plain sight.
• Make sense of prophetic mysteries such as entertaining angels, using sanctified imagination and bringing the invisible into the visible world.

Jamie’s 4-CD series, The Seer in You, adds four more teachings — Unlocking Your Seer Nature; Greater Miracles through the Eyes of Jesus; Partnering with the Angelic and Welcoming Third Heaven Moments.

So keep your heart in the right place! The Spirit will open your eyes and ears to what Heaven is doing. Jamie’s experiences can help!

Jamie Galloway carries a revival message that encourages supernatural encounters with the unseen activity of Heaven on earth. He wants our generation to be equipped for Joel 2:28 and the great outpouring of the Spirit on all flesh.

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