Anacondas 2 - Bloodsucking Leeches: Gordon (Morris Chestnut) notices something on Cole's (Eugene Byrd) back.

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Bill Johnson (Johnny Messner) leads a group of scientists (KaDee Strickland, Matthew Marsden, Nicholas Gonzalez, Eugene Byrd, Salli Richardson-Whitfield) into the jungles of Borneo. They are searching for the mythical black orchid, which can supposedly grant eternal life. Unfortunately, massive anacondas have been feeding on the orchids for years. When their boat goes over a waterfall, the scientists land right in the middle of the snakes' home.

TM & © Sony (2004)
Cast: Eugene Byrd, Johnny Messner, KaDee Strickland, Karl Yune, Matthew Marsden, Morris Chestnut, Nicholas Gonzalez, Salli Richardson-Whitfield
Director: Dwight H. Little

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