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More like Shark Stale, am I right?

Animated Atrocities #145: Top 11 Worst Animation Cliches (Part 1)

Numbers 11-6. Part two coming soon. This Halloween I bring you one of the scariest things in history: cliches.

Animated Atrocities #51: "Fresh Heir" [Family Guy]

Support me on patreon: You know what, that's it. Come at me FOX. Fair Use, assholes

Everything is Offensive!

Have you heard that Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer promotes bullying? Or that Veggietales is racist? Or that Dungeons and Dragons promotes satanism?

Animated Atrocities #150 Re-Animated (Part 1)

Support me on patreon: It's... time

Animated Atrocities #137: Wayside

Support me on patreon: Welcome to my first revisited marathon, where we take another look at shows and episodes ...

Animated Atrocities #141: The Legend of Korra Book 1

She's the avatar... but I'm having trouble dealing with it. Title card by MongolianPangolin