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More like Shark Stale, am I right?

Animated Atrocities #122: "Teamo Supremo (Grounded)"

Support me on patreon: Anyone remember this show? No?

Animated Atrocities #113: "D.W.'s Very Bad Mood" [Arthur]

Support me on patreon: Credits: Music: You Win! – Earthbound OST Tom Fool - Van Phillips (Production Music)...

Animated Atrocities #123 - "Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Comedy"

Support me on patreon: I gotta bad feeling about this.

5 Reasons Why People HATE John K!

These are 5 Reasons why people HATE John Kricfalusi, Sure you guys can pry guess what number one is but I got a interesting educational List talking a...

Animated Atrocities #136 "Two Minutes to Paradise" [Committed]

Support me on patreon: I'm not even in this marriage, and I want a divorce.