Flashback to when an Coulter and Whoopi Goldberg where involved in a heated argument on race.

Watch Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Ariana Grande

'That's Actually Not TRUE At All' - Ben Shapiro SCHOOLS Far Lefist In A Debate

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Ivanka Trump HUMILIATES Joy Behar On Her Own Show With Ann Coulter

Watch as first daughter Ivanka Trump brilliantly put joyless Joy Behar in her place live on air with Ann additional clip of Ann Coulter On joy's show....

Ben: This is EXACTLY Why People Don't Trust the Media!!

Ben Shapiro does a quick analysis on the state of the media (6-22-18). Subscribe to the Hound:

Ann Coulter DESTROYS A Triggered Muslim

Watch as as Coulter goes off on Muslim student who tried to attack her.

“You Are NOT Oppressed” Dave Rubin Calmly Destroys a Crazed Hyper-Victim

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Real Time with Bill Maher: Ann Coulter on Immigration (HBO)

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