On Episode 18, uncontrollable laughter quickly turns to heated conflict as tempers flare between Chad and Brandon on this week's episode of I Am Athlete. 

To start it off,  Channing asks the guys "How much is too much on social media?" and directs his questioning to Chad who appears to be an open book on the internet. Brandon invites former NCAA kicker standout turned Youtube star, Donald 'Deestroying" De La Haye, to join the conversation. Dee shares his internet perspective and experience of having to choose between his NFL dreams and being a Youtube personality.  

Channing, who doesn't think highly of kickers as athletes, is in disbelief that Dee gave up being a NFL kicker to make videos on the internet while Fred, Brandon and Chad understand that he did what was best for him at the time. The discussion takes a turn to sacred time and leads to a hilarious trip down memory lane of Channing and Chad reminiscing about curiosity and seeing things they couldn't unsee!

Bringing it back to sports, Fred and Brandon discuss longevity of NFL careers and how young players need to be more proactive taking care of their bodies and minds, Chad blatantly disagrees on certain aspects. He challenges what Brandon is saying and the conversation quickly turns personal and emotional as Chad visibly gets upset and doesn't back down from Brandon. It continues to heat up as Fred and Channing watch on in shock that the two friends are going at it. 

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