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Hello Everyone, we’re back with our sweet little squirrel friend getting his name at last. This video had to go first to finish what we started before we can go on with the smallest horse I’ve ever seen, new baby squirrels, a bat and a lot of new birds that needed help….
Thank you so much for staying with us!
In my personal life – for those of you interested – a lot has happened… A divorce, moving twice (yep, also with all the animals) and much too soon, unexpectedly and suddenly having to say goodbye to the sweetest, wisest and most non judgmental friend I have… my father.
Meanwhile I’ve been going on filming and taking care of a lot of animal friends that were in need of saving. Also some nice egg projects in the incubator as we speak, so it will be a nice new season coming up.
Before you decide to acquire a Japanese squirrel too, please realize that they need a giant aviary, a lot of care and at least an hour playtime daily… also a year after you got them.

Cameras used:
Canon EOSD7
I-Phone 8 plus
Sony HDR NX 30

Spring Morning by Peter Sandberg
Finklestein's Walk In The Rain by Per-Anders Nilsson
Rue De La Swing by John Åhlin
REM Sleep by Sam Wedgwood
Harmonic Thinking by Terry Devine-King
Fair City Escapade by Andrew Skeet and Nathan Klein
Morning good Morning by Lincoln Grounds and Pat Reyford

Music through Epidemic Sound and Audio Network

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