The green man takes a visit to old lady ida's house. Ida invites him in and things get a little too spicy for youtube...rawr



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Bad Unboxing - Samurai Buyer | Grandma Edition

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Straight out of Compton - Bad Unboxing

In this video I unbox some epic fan mail. Fan mail? more like fan-fail! In hindsight i should have done more. sorry for being the real failure boys......

Bad Unboxing - Fan Mail (Garbage Special)

Thanks for the horrible packages. Big ups to all the people who were kind enough to send me packages. __ SUBSCRIBE ►

Smashing Open 32 Smashers Toy Capsules!

WOW, I sure have a really cool, surprise egg capsule opening for you guys! Full of EPIC smashers plastic CHILDRENS TOYS, AMAZING. ____________________...

I LOVE SWEDISH CULTURE - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

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