Curb your dull knives. Please. But also, if you don't want to sharpen your knife, that's okay too. I'm just giving you the option and ability to take your knife from dull to sharper than a razor using a whetstone. ;) Also *DISCLAIMER*: This technique is something that I learned as a beginner while working in restaurants. It was really only intended to get newbies started on the idea of using a whetstone. This video is NOT intended to be a professional all inclusive knife video. It's simply supposed to be a fun/entertaining video to get people interested in learning about knife sharpening. I suggest doing your own research and finding your own way to sharpen a knife after getting started off this guide!

The King Whetstone that I use:


Music - Barbecue Music By Engelwood:
(I accidentally made the mistake of crediting Jef kaale Because I thought this was his song but I recently found out it was Engelwood's song, woops! Go check Engelwood out if you enjoyed this music.)

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停電で暗闇を恐れた変人の男は、部屋の中で大量のロウソクに火を灯すが、部屋が煙だらけになり壁は煤(すす)だらけになってしまう。。 しかし、この煤は使えるかもしれないと前向きに考え、あえて大量の煤を作り丁寧に集めだしたのであった。。 #JapaneseknifeMan ※この動画は昔ながらの製法で墨を作...

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