Shy couple Sheryl (Aidy Bryant) and Todd (Chris Pratt) meet in a bar. They act awkward and can only express themselves through rap music causing their friends to worry. With Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan. [Season 40, 2014]


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Aidy B & Cardi B - SNL

Inspired by Cardi B, Aidy Bryant speaks her mind to her fellow SNL cast members and host Chadwick Boseman. #SNL #SNL43 Subscribe to SNL: https://goo...

Memories - SNL

A lonely woman (Cecily Strong) is visited by memories of ex-lovers, including the pizza-place employee (Paul Rudd) she hooked up with in an airport ba...

(Do It On My) Twin Bed - SNL

When you're home for the holidays, sometimes you've got to get busy on your childhood twin bed. [Season 39, 2013] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: https://goo...

Romance Bookstore - SNL

Employees (Aidy Bryant, John Cena, Kenan Thompson) at an erotic bookstore act out the stories they're selling. Subscribe to SNL:

Blizzard Man with Ludacris - SNL

Much to the surprise of everyone at the studio, Ludacris calls on a terrible rapper Blizzard Man (Andy Samberg), to record a cameo on his next track. ...

Miss Trash 2015 - Saturday Night Live

Contestants from Delaware (Aidy Bryant), California (Cecily Strong), New York (Kate McKinnon) and Vermont (Vanessa Bayer) compete for the tile of Ms. ...