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If you happen to live in New York City and heard screams all morning, don’t be alarmed. It was probably just the BTS Army.

What’s up y’all? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and we have to talk about BTS’s epic performance on Good Morning America that had fans camping in the streets and losing their minds.

The boys of BTS took over Central Park to kick off the GMA summer concert series, and to say they took over would be an understatement.

We told you earlier this week that fans started camping out over a week ago in the cold rain to see their favorite K-pop group.

One Army member told ABC that quote, “It's cold. It's been raining, but it's really cool to see how the Army all unites and we're all enthusiastic about this and trying to support each other while having a good time.”

And BTS did not disappoint, even if RM had a MINOR little lyrical flub while rapping!

One fan caught a funny moment when RM rapped the wrong lyric saying quote, “Don't call me a spoon, I'm just a spoon” INSTEAD OF “Don't call me a spoon, I'm just a human.”

And the tweet went viral with over 200,000 views.

They performed their hit singles “Boy With Luv” and “Fire.” And fans went wild.

And you know, of course BTS reciprocated the love. The K-Pop group LOVES their fans just as much as their fans love them. While on GMA, V said quote, “Our fans are the best. They are motivation. We love you ARMY.”

And there have already been some other viral Twitter moments coming out of this morning’s performance. Which makes sense because #BTSonGMA and #BTSArmy were trending.

And the BTS Army is helping the guys make history. Their album, “Map of the Soul: Persona,” brought them into the same tier as The Beatles when it became their third number 1 in just one year.
These guys just keep breaking records and I am so here for it.

When they were asked about being compared to an iconic group like The Beatles, RM revealed how flattered BTS is.

He said quote, “I mean, we're all fanboys of The Beatles, of course, who is not. We feel so honored to be with the greatest names in the music industry — we love The Beatles of course.”

If you missed their performance on GMA, they are currently embarking on their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour. But good luck getting tickets. Most of their stadium tour tickets sold out in just a few minutes.

Alright, now I want to hear from you. What was your favorite moment from the GMA performance? And would you camp out to see BTS?

Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section below and hit me up on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @Sussan_Mourad. After that click right over here to watch another new video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click that bell to get notified whenever we post. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.

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