Several videos from 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

Here's where you should really go to stay safe during an earthquake

There were almost 10,000 deaths caused by earthquakes in 2015. The natural disasters can be extremely dangerous, but with a little planning and know-h...

Earthquake jolts TV host during taping

Earthquake jolts TV host during taping

Nepal earthquake 2015/2072- cctv footage

Nepal earthquake 2015/2072-cctv footage This video is the different video collection clips of the places when the grate devastating earthquake hit Ne...

San Francisco Earth Quake- 1989- Great Footage-

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Terremoto Valparaiso Chile Earthquake cataclysm FULL NATGEO

La simulacion de un cataclismo en valparaiso chile. Esta vez la edicion completa, no solo la parte final.Reportaje emitido por natgeo.