The answer is yes. Featuring Cody's Lab sans consent.

Cody's Popcorn Video:

Camera Man John:


Binging with William: Laser Pancakes

I honestly can't believe this worked. Mr. Babish: Camera: Lens: ...

How to make movie theater popcorn

Maranda learns the secrets behind Celebration! Cinema's famous popcorn.

Wallace and Gromit: Jam Launcher (ft. Binging with Babish)

Today we spray jam all over toast with YouTube MegaGigaStar Andrew Rea aka: Binging with Babish. Andrew's channel:

How many people does it take to make a tentacle?

Make a tentacle out of a banana. Building a cat toy with Evan and Katelyn: More info:

How to Make a Net Gun

Learn how to build a halfway decent net gun! Finally a project which doesn't involve the laser cutter. Suggestions for improvement welcome. How to ...