To find out I put almost 8 flasks (640lbs) in a reinforced plastic tub and step in.
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Aluminum and Mercury

Molecule Website: Outro music: ------------------------------------------ When mercury is ...

Building A Mercury Still

Today I build a new mercury distillation apparatus in order to clean a massive amount of mercury. NileRed video:

Can You Float a Liquid on a Gas?

I seal some super heavy xenon in a tube to find out. Help me make videos by donating here:

What Happens When Lava Meets Ice?

#Outrageous_Acts When a team pours molten lava onto ice, the results are surprising. Full Episodes Streaming FREE on Science GO: https://www.sciencec...

Brainiac Science Abuse-John Tickle Walks on Custard

John Tickle walks on a pool full of custard

Making an Aragoscope

I use diffraction to create an image with a lens made of a circular metal disk. Using lasers at the end: ...