To find out I put almost 8 flasks (640lbs) in a reinforced plastic tub and step in.
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All about Mercury, the Liquid Metal | Element Series

In this video, I'll be talking about the very interesting element Mercury. I try to cover as much as I can, including its properties, its history and ...

Rock to Iron

I extract metallic iron from the ground using some chemistry and a new induction heater. At some point I'll get around to turning the pig iron into st...

Bizarre Pirate Traditions You Didn't Know About

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The Worlds Blackest Black vs The Worlds Brightest Flashlight (32,000 lumen)—Which Will Win?

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Metal Refining & Recovery, S2E3: Uranium Metal From Ore

I extract some Uranium metal from a rock. Radioactive box: Help me make videos by donating here: https://...

Mining Platinum From the Road Part One

We get a sample from the side of the road and extract precious metal from it. Arthur's video: Neat little...