Diane Kruger - Talented German Lady - 3/3 Visits + 1 Phone Call - In Chronological Order [1080]

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Bitsie Tulloch - Wants To Yank Craig's Hair - Only Appearance [Extra Edits]

The edit at min 4 is not originally in the interview, that is my doing. So you know who to blame if you don't like it. Enjoy!

Emily Blunt - Everytime She Laughs, I Fall Deeper In Love - 2/3 Appearances In Chron. Order[HD]

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Alan Alda - He EXUDES Goodness - 3/6 Visits In Chronological Order

Dudes, I recommend Horace & Pete, Alan Alda is fantastic in it. That's probably the first I've seen of Alan and I'm a fan! He seems to have a good hea...

Lauren Cohan - Tells A Irish Joke - 3/3 Appearance In Chron. Order [HD]

She is a fine lady with class, and Lauren Cohan is not bad either:D I did that joke twice now haha. Enjoy. Support for more of these, thanks.

Helena Bonham Carter - She Put The Idea For Geoff In Craig's Mind - 2/2 Visits In Chron. Order

The quality is bad in unusual places, but its the sacrifices we make.