What if cats could control our minds?
Prince Michael and Phil take a joyride.

Music Composed by Mason Lieberman

World Cup Cats

The World Cup inspires Prince Michael's journey towards soccer stardom. New Merch: Gym Girl: Shelise Hufstetler Ref...

The Ultimate AaronsAnimals NEW BEST VIDEO COMPILATION 2017

The New Aarons Animals Compilation Video cat so cute magic

Gone Fishing

Prince Michael and Aaron take a trip to the lake. Thanks to everyone who acted in the video: @chazsmith @natenorell @moose_the_german_shep @virginisla...

AaronsAnimals NEW Best Funny VIDEO COMPILATION 2017

Aaron's Animal Vine Compilation 2017 Aarons Animal Aaron'sAnimal Funny Vine AaronsAnimals NEW Best Funny VIDEO COMPILATION 2017

WARNING! You may lose your teeth because of laugh - FUNNY Cat compilation

Cats are the funniest animals ever, they never fail to make us laugh! This is the hardest TRY NOT TO LAUGH challenge ever! Just look how all these cat...

Aaron's Animals

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