Full stock of landfall of hurricane Michael in and around east side of Panama City / Springfield and Tyndall AFB on Oct 10...

Shot Description

1). Commentary and shots of bridge NW of Tyndall AFB.

2). Shots of Holiday Inn Express in Springfield, FL. Other chasers.

3). Highway 98 bridge and chaser vehicles.

4). Panama City Beach and surf.

5). Panama City Beach parking garage and chasers.

6). Shots of Gulf and surf from Parking Garage in Panama City Beach.

7). Stock shots of strong winds off East Bay by Long Point by Tyndall AFB bridge.

8). Various driving shots by Tyndall and Long Point.

9). Texaco gas station with damage.

10). Chasers and gathering back at Holiday Inn Express in Springfield.

11). Stock shots of trees and winds.

12). 09:57 to 28:36 is first eyewall. Canopy / roof collapse and disintegration at 18:35 and 24:39, respectively.

13). Calm eye and edge (various shots) from 25:00 to 36:39 or so. Stadium and damage. Blue skies as well.

14). Second half and debris starts at 36:45 or so.

15). Shots looking down at 44:49 to 44:58 from 3rd window shattered.

16). Shots of storm winding down and damage.

17). Ending and slug after 51:12.

SID: Christopher Collura

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