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As we approach the holidays, our dietary requirements for meat and cheese are elevated to dangerous levels. On this episode of Basics, I'm giving you some ideas on what to put on your meat and cheese board.

Shopping List: This is everything I bought, but feel free to mix and match what your store has or what you're most interested in!
+ Cheeses:
Goat Cheese
Aged Goat Gouda
Double Cream Cow's Milk Gouda
"Midnight Moon" Goat Cheese
Aged Irish Cheddar
American Brie
Gorgonzola Dolce

+ Meats:
Peppercorn Soppressata
Fennel Salami
Cured Chorizo
Prosciutto San Daniele
Prosciutto Cotto

+ Additional sidekicks:
Marcona almonds (fried in olive oil)
Nicoise olives

Mixed olives
Smoked almonds
Artichoke hearts (dressed in oil and herbs)
Orange marmalade
Caramelized onion jam
Sundried tomato puree
Grilled cipollini onions
Spicy honey
Salted crackers
Baguette, thinly sliced

"Even or Odd" by Blue Wednesday


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