Bill Clinton vs O'Reilly #1!

Pres:Bill Clinton in Interview with Fox News Channel O'rreilly on Politics .

Letterman loses it

FNC's Bill O'Reilly returned to the Late Show Friday night for round two with David Letterman over Iraq. In the show taped on Monday but not aired unt...

Fox News Hannity Bitchslapped by Atheist

Fox News Hannity gets owned by an Atheist.

Jim Carrey Impressions of Kevin Bacon & Wile E. Coyote on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show

Jim Carrey does funny impressions of famous people including Kevin Bacon and cartoon character Wile E. Coyote and impersonations of a scene from "Polt...

Anderson Cooper's Magnificent Reaction To Trump's U.N. Message - "Rocketman"

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HEATED: Anderson Cooper almost Loses His Cool When Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow Tries To Defend Trump

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