There will 100% be a part 3! JIB is one of those conventions that has some of the best moments so it is extremely difficult to condense it all down to one video, and unfortunately for me, even two 😅 None of these videos are mine! A massive thanks to Kreespa and Amberdreams for the videos and for going and recording these panels for the rest of us to enjoy. The full videos are linked below:

Jared and Misha -
Jensen Solo -
Jensen and Jared -

Compilation of JIBCON 10 (2019) Misha, Jensen and Jared - Part 1

Just a compilation video of some of the funniest moments from JIBCON 10! I will be making a part 2 within the next week so look out for that! None of ...

The Best of Jared and Jensen 2018 (17/39)

This is a compilation of various interviews, clips, and convention moments from 2018. Highlights include the J2/J2M panel at JibCon 9 in Rome. None of...

What The Hecky, Padalecki!

None of these are my videos! The links to the full videos are below :)

VegasCon 2019 Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles MAIN FULL Panel Supernatural

Jared's Twitter - Jensen's Twitter - ---- my tip jar - paypal link is: https://www.paypa...

Just a Pinch of J2 ;)

None of these videos are mine!! The links to the original videos are below: