0:00 - The Root Pack
1:02 - Goopy le Grande
2:19 - Ribby and Croaks
4:11 - Hilda Berg
6:11 - Cagney Carnation
7:38 - Baroness von Bon Bon
8:48 - Djimmi the Great
10:59 - Beppi the Clown
12:52 - Wally Warbles
14:47 - Grim Matchstick
16:18 - Rumor Honeybottoms
17:57 - Dr. Kahl's Robot
20:02 - Sally Stageplay
21:57 - Captain Brineybeard

23:15 - Werner Werman
24:48 - Cala Maria
26:59 - Phantom Express
28:49 - Tipsy Troop
29:33 - Chips Bettigan
30:05 - Mr. Wheezy
30:53 - Pip and Dot
31:26 - Hopus Pocus
32:02 - Phear Lap
32:55 - Pirouletta
33:55 - Mangosteen
34:28 - Mr. Chimes
36:07 - King Dice
36:55 - The Devil

I was skeptical of this game, but it's actually really fun. If you're a fan of this genre and enjoy good boss fights, I recommend it. (The art and animation alone are worth the $20~)

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